Private shuttles make traveling and life a lot easier and manageable. With it, you can efficiently go to one place and another without getting stuck in heavy traffic and manage your time well. Inside, you can put a lot of your travel or work essentials, do the rest of your tasks, talk with friends, and more. In short, private shuttles can be your moving house or office.

Now, if you are still hesitating to rent a private shuttle, here are the top 7 reasons why you must try one now!

Drinking Alcoholic Beverages is allowed

If you love to drink either alone or with your friends, then a private shuttle can accommodate your drinking needs. Here, you can drink all you want without the fear of getting lost and hurt outside. The good thing about a private shuttle is that it has enough space to cater to you and your friends when drinking. It also has sustainable storage bins where most of the beverages are kept safe.

Moreover, there are lights and music that can make you feel like you’re currently in a club, a moving club. You can dance, be crazy, and drink as long as you can. If you forgot to bring your liquor, you could ask the driver for a stop in groceries to buy. You can stop at any store that you can pass by, so you have the privilege to choose and buy the liquor you want to taste inside the private shuttle. Always take the right amount and drink responsibly!

Free Water

If you forgot to include water bottles in your luggage, well, it’s not a problem. Private shuttles provide free bottled waters for every customer that rents. The bottled waters are ensured to be clean and safe to drink, and it is stored safely inside the shuttle. This means that no dirt nor destructive incidents can affect the quality of these free water bottles. Also, the bottled waters come in different sizes and brands to accommodate the needs of every customer. However, the size can be limited to half a liter to keep more storage for other essentials inside the shuttle. Rest assured, the bottled waters are free from excessive sun exposure and guaranteed replaced once the date has aged and there are visible marks of being stocked.

Free and Unlimited Wi-Fi Connection

Traveling from one place to another doesn’t guarantee the strong reception of signals and the internet. There are places that can fail to provide you with a stable internet connection which is necessary for you to update your social media feeds. Good thing, private shuttles offer free and unlimited Wi-Fi connections to let you make out of the trip.

This internet connection is best used for Spotify and other music platforms. You can rest well and relax inside the shuttle while listening to good music. You can also watch movies while traveling to your destination. You can check Netflix and other movie platforms to entertain yourself and even other people. Still, just be reminded of the limitations when using a free internet connection. Illegal sites are banned from watching inside the shuttle, as well as inappropriate content.

Specific Pick-up Schedules

Private shuttles are paid to pick you up and send you right to the doorsteps of your home. So, if you rented a private shuttle, you only need to wait at your place for the ride. You only need to be ready for pick-up on or before the schedule.

This service promotes less hassle and more time preparing for a trip. If your destination is out of town, then you have more time to pack your things. It will also allow you to recheck your things and house before leaving. In this way, you can ensure that you’re ready to leave and have fun inside the private shuttle. Another thing, a private shuttle is also perfect for your business and office trips. You can make a schedule in which all of the joiners will be picked up in a specific place. This helps to promote safety and order among the joiners who are your employees or colleagues.

Moreover, private shuttles are perfect for emergency and early calls such as flights. If you don’t want to bother yourself from renting other vehicles right on time, you can rely on the effective services and benefits of renting a private shuttle. Here, you have an ample amount of space and time to prepare everything. You also have complete privacy while doing so as the vehicle is closed even to the drivers. Meaning to say, you can even dress and prepare your attire before the flight.

Stop Times

Private shuttles are not just driving you to your destination for hours straight, without taking any rest or stop, especially if the distance between is long. Private shuttles have stop times that allow you to rest, shop, eat, and explore the stop area. Usually, the stop time lasts for an hour.

Also, stop times are meant to benefit both the customers and the shuttle itself. Shuttles need to refuel and be checked for inconveniences that are necessary for long-distance travel. During stop times, any urgent repair can be attended to prevent further damages. It also helps the driver to get a short rest before hitting the road again.

Another thing, within the stop time, you can take a look around. If it is in a park, then look for wonderful spots and take photos. If it’s a restaurant, then you can eat either dine-in or take-out. You can also shop if you stop at a mall or mart. Make every minute count with this one-of-a-kind private shuttle experience. You can always do lots of things even with a limited time.

Own a Party

Throwing a party with your family and friends inside a private shuttle is possible. You only need to book for the shuttle and provide necessary information such as the number of individuals invited for your party, the schedule, location, and amenities to avail.

Having a party inside a private shuttle is not the normal kind of party you usually attend or hear from the media. If you’re worried about the space and movements, don’t worry! Private shuttles are built by the best car manufacturers that ensure premium quality products. Also, you can’t jump nor do risky tricks inside as the space is limited. Here, all you can do is talk, laugh, drink, and eat sumptuous foods with your guests. Aside from that, you can have a good music trip as the private shuttles have included speakers which you can connect to the Bluetooth or go live stream on Spotify with the free Wi-Fi. Always think outside the box!

Furthermore, having a party inside the private shuttles provides you with more privacy and elegance. If you aren’t fond of welcoming hundreds of guests to your house, then booking for a party in the private shuttles is the best solution. Here, anything grand isn’t much needed. The venue can also be everywhere, such as parks, lakes, seaside, and more.

Brand New 2016 Toyota Hiace

Lastly, you must try booking a private shuttle service for your next appointment or party as it uses the latest 2016 Toyota Hiace. It is one of the most anticipated car models that guarantee the premium quality of road services. Its overall engine and appearance are wonderful, and it makes the perfect private shuttles.

Also, this latest car model is flexible. Meaning to say, it can be improved and upgraded for several uses for the private shuttle service. It is also manageable, and the parts are easy to look for within states. This guarantees you that the private shuttle journey will be worth it in the end.

Moreover, the car has this stable and strong endurance that helps it overcome any speed and distance traveled. No matter how far your destination is, this car can safely deliver you to it. Also, it doesn’t have many defects and isn’t sensitive to being broken even by a simple inconvenience. For the space, this car has a good one. The space inside allows more than 8 people to fit. Thus, it is perfect for road trips and travels with friends or family.


Overall, private shuttles are awesome. These mentioned 7 reasons why you must try and book a private shuttle service for your next destination aren’t enough to prove how effective and worth it the service is. The quality of the vehicle, the amenities, the fun to get, and the memories to make form harmony deliver you the calm and peace needed when traveling.

Another conclusion, private shuttles help to reduce traffic and CO2 trash in the environment. Compared to using cars, private shuttles accommodate a larger number of people, which helps save car seats and the car itself from the streets.

Hence, you must now try riding in a private shuttle. You can book your schedule and destination right away. Just make sure that you are prepared and that you are willing to explore more!


What people have to say

"From booking to actual pick up at the airport things worked out very well. There was a delay through customs but the driver did not complain, and kindly welcomed my family. I will use their service again! Thanks! D J."