Auckland Airport Shuttle & Private Hire Service

Quick Shuttle only goes direct, non-stop to your destination.

We only pick up you and your group – no-one else.

We Service

  • Point to point shuttle services from all Auckland Suburbs to and from Auckland Airport.
  • All hotels, motels, and other accommodation facilities are covered.
  • Door to door shuttle services from:
    • Cruise Ship Terminal
    • Ferry Terminal
    • Bus Station
    • Railway Terminal
    • Offices
  • Private shuttle services for events and gatherings such as:
    • Golf Course
    • Wedding Venue
    • Sports Stadium
    • Sightseeing
    • Wine Tour
    • Day Trip Hire
    • Out Of Town Hire
    • Day Activities Hire
    • Dinner To Restaurants
  • Private group shuttle services for:
    • Conference centers
    • Company Group Pick up
    • Hotel guests
    • Concerts
    • Rugby games
    • Staff transfers
    • School bus
    • Airline crew service
  • Private service for Auckland Tours and any other occasions

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We Offer

  • Exclusive service vans, cars, and minibusses.
  • Late/ new model vehicles.
  • 12 to 17-seater buses are available.
  • Shuttle with trailers for the following:
    • Extra Luggage
    • Golf Bags
    • Snow/ Surf Boards
    • Bike Boxes
  • Baby seats available at request.
  • Meet and greet services with a whiteboard (name sign) to meet up clients at Auckland Airport.
  • Coordinators for larger groups to organize clients on the day.
  • Flight tracking for delayed arrivals.
  • GPS tracking on our buses.
  • Contract works available.
  • Discount rate at regular transfers.
  • Invoicing system.
  • Fixed-rate and agreed price before any pick-ups.
  • Door to door service 24/7.
  • Fleet with uniformed vehicles.
  • Experienced drivers with 7 to 12 years of being in the business.
  • Recognition of regular clients like:
    • Schools
    • Retail Companies
    • Airline
    • Hotels
  • NZ local based business that knows what’s best for every situation.

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